Trends Identified by Insurance Companies

Representatives of many of the insurance companies that insure camps joined together with the ACA Insurance Committee to discuss industry trends. They met in conjunction with the ACA National Conference in February 2005 in Orlando.

The following trends were identified by the participants:


  • No change on insuring fifteen-passenger vans
  • Looking at minimum age of twenty-one for all drivers — especially if transporting children
  • Looking at a maximum age for all drivers — it is usually age seventy especially if you go outside of the camp marketplace
  • Virginia and North Carolina requesting car seats/booster seats for up to age nine

Claims Trends

  • Increases in camper-to-camper inappropriate behaviors/acts
  • Post season use of the camps — camps need to have better use agreements to clarify responsibilities
  • Increase in crime claims from camp stores
  • Property losses — some are losing focus on the content of structures — they are insuring the structures pretty well but not paying attention to what it costs to replace the contents
  • Non-horse-related incidents of animal claims — such as rabies from a sheep
  • Pollution and mold claims are on the increase
  • Travel programs — are becoming harder to insure — hard to find coverage — some companies are just not writing it
  • Employment practices coverage — very important — exposure is increasing

Contact your camp’s insurance provider for additional details regarding trends in the industry and any changes in your coverage.

Originally published in the 2005 Spring issue of The CampLine.

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